What hat are you wearing?

I ran into Natalie working the V-Max booth at EMC World last week, and it got me thinking.  I have worked with Natalie several times over the past year, but it’s always been relating to her “other” job in the EMC Women’s Leadership Forum.  Seeing her working so hard at EMC World (doing her “day job”) made me realize something about most of the people who were down there.  Nobody was wearing just one hat.

We had a number of people working the hands-on sessions, but many of them couldn’t make every one.  They were manning a booth, meeting a customer, or even speaking at another session.  Just when you think you know what someone’s role is at EMC, they surprise you by putting on another hat when you aren’t looking.

The world is full of people telling you how social media is changing everything, but the rise of the social web inside EMC has had one huge consequence for me and others like me — it makes it much easier to put on a couple extra hats.  I may not have had a booth to man but I was writing blog posts (for this blog as well as one hidden in the ControlCenter Community), talking with customers and partners, meeting fellow bloggers, stealing a moment to catch up on the tweetstream, talking to the folks from ECN, and so on.  I did all those things “for” EMC, but none of them were the reason I was sent down to EMC World.

A while back I told Polly one of the things I’d tell a new (or potential) employee about EMC is that there’s always something that needs doing that isn’t being done, and that if you can find a way to do that, you’ll always have a place here.  It’s never been more true, or more easy, than it is today.  I can’t imagine this is unique to EMC, but I certainly admire the way which EMC has allowed and encouraged us to explore those opportunities.

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Great post! I posted the interview with you here today to add to your story: http://www.pollypearson.com/main/2009/05/working-at-emc-if-you-can-see-it-do-it.html