Talking Shop

Just so we’re clear, I work for EMC. I’m not going to play around and say “I work for a big IT company, with 3 initials, based in Hopkinton, MA,” or what have you. EMC Corporation pays my salary (though not my hosting bills!).

But while I’m blogging about EMC, I am not blogging for EMC. That can be a pretty big distinction.

See, most of my posts are about working at EMC. But I’m not here to talk about disk arrays, information life cycles, RSA encryption, or VMware stock. I’m here to write about my experiences in my “work” life – that happens to be at EMC. So I’ll write about EMC, but not in the same way many others are. I think that’s a good thing.

So, who am I?

Well, if you’re looking for another Vice President, or an industry founding-father, you’ve come to the wrong place (though please do go and read those people’s blogs, they’re great and I’m not just saying that). I’ve developed SRM software for EMC (and Data General before that) for over a decade, and now I contribute to the same effort in a managerial role. The topics you’ll find in this blog are more personal in scope, but I think that’s part of the strength of blogging as a medium. I don’t have to stick to the press release topics, and honestly, others cover that so much better than I could.

Oh, one last thing. Read the disclaimer over there, and if I say something terribly wrong, don’t sue EMC, sue me. Actually, don’t sue me either, I wasn’t kidding about not getting paid to do this. Thanks.