Are you hyperconnected?

Quick post this morning as I struggle to get my handouts down for EMC World (I said they’d be done yesterday, remember?  No such luck!).

Ars Technica is running a story today, talking about a recent study commissioned by Nortel.  The study talks about how a growing percentage of people, worldwide, are connected for both work and play, and are comfortable being in contact with work while eating, on vacation, or even at places of worship.  They are using the same devices and networks for social and business reasons, and don’t find this odd.

Pretty timely stuff considering my recent post about my own work/personal boundary blurring, considering many of these hyperconnected individuals still claim to feel a healthy work/life balance.  My comments on age seem spot-on too … most of the hyperconnected were under the age of 35.  I look forward to seeing the comments on this out in the wild.