EMC World Day One

It’s pre-breakfast on Tuesday and time to try and sum up yesterday’s chaos in a nice simple blog post. Not so easy.

I started the day attending a presentation given by a co-worker about managing VMware with EMC ControlCenter 6.0. The presentation was given by an employee and a customer together, which was pretty cool — theory and practice all in one. Unfortunately, it sounds like the customer stated a few things as facts which weren’t 100% correct, at least according to the people I was sitting with. They planned to follow up before the presentation is given again.

Next, I attended the keynote addresses by Joe Tucci and Howard Elias. They talked general EMC strategy and then more specifically RMSG strategy. As I twittered, I thought it was interesting that they talked services and software prior to talking hardware, even though hardware was where all the announcements were.

From there, we zipped back to our hands-on lab and did some last minute laptop changes before doing a complete practice session with projectors and microphones. A quick lunch and some exploration on the show floor, and we were ready for our actual presentation. I thought it went well, considering it’s a bit of a mixed-up beast — part StorageScope 6.1, part SAN management, part VMware management, part StorageScope 6.0, part general asset management, etc. With six presenters, it’s hard to get feedback specific to any one individual. So I think I did well, but it’s hard to say for sure. We definitely have some kinks to work out.

That’s okay, we’re doing it 4 more times. Plenty of time to make minor changes.

We capped off the evening with another trip to the symposium floor, and then a ControlCenter User Community social event. I’d love to say I called it an early night but I think Las Vegas got into a few of us. Long night, heading into a lighter day.