Casual Friday: EMC World 2008 Wrapup

I’d write a real summary of Day Four, but it was honestly more of the same, plus travel. Not a very exciting blog post, and doesn’t really fit my Casual Friday theme. So instead, I’ve put together my own list of things I learned at EMC World.

Everything I need to know, I learned in Las Vegas

  • You should describe your technology in terms of words which make people laugh at how they sound (see: fungible).
  • gets its home sale data from craiglist (uhm, ok).
  • The walk from Excalibur to Mandalay Bay gets longer as the week goes on. There is fell magic at work here.
  • Billy Crystal can get a lot of laughs by calling your work boring.
  • If they go out of their way to call it free, there is a catch.
  • Women are polarized by the appearance of a man in a skin tight superhero costume.
  • Everybody loves trick shots.
  • There’s free wi-fi at the airport, but not at the hotel.
  • If you want positive feedback, have your session on the last day when nobody’s awake.
  • Black bean and chicken spring rolls are actually vegetarian, “except for a little chicken.”
  • Just because someone gives you a free shirt doesn’t mean you should wear it.
  • Just because your event is in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you’ll find time to gamble.
  • Joe Tucci doesn’t need to know the date. He has people.
  • People magically acquire nicknames in Las Vegas.
  • Some people are still running ControlCenter 5.2 SP3. They are nice folks. Insane, but nice.
  • ControlCenter 5.0 was “the first ControlCenter.” (uhm, sure)
  • Report a product bug severe enough to occupy a development team for a month, and they will remember you 3 years later and laugh with you over drinks.

I’m sure as soon as I finish this post I’ll think of some new things I learned, but it’s 5 PM on a Friday and the long weekend is about to start. See you next week.