Mind the gap

We’ve all heard discussion of the technology gap.  I tend to feel I’m spending most of my time among the “haves” when it comes to technology.  I’m not talking about income, just availability and comfort.  And yet every time I make mention of certain technologies and tools, I am greeted with at best a politely blank stare.

Twitter? Forget it.  It’s a toy technology, used to tell people what movie you’re waiting in line to see, right?

Blogging? That’s what those guys do who get into fights with our competition, right?  What could I possibly have to say in that area, and when would I find the time?  “What do you even blog about?”

Imagine only a few dozen people are blogging at your company, or twittering from your event.  Imagine you are one of them.

In what other scenario can you imagine having such disproportionate access to potential customers, employees, partners, or employers? Can you even imagine it?  Your voice could be one of only dozens in any given area.

Talk about leveling the playing field.

Among the “haves” there’s a new gap forming.  This isn’t even about early versus late adopters.  It’s the gap between producers and consumers, in a world where everyone can be both. And it’s a gap entirely under our own control.