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Enjoy the moments

(This is the final planned post for 2008.  I’ll be taking some time off for the holidays and will resume posting next year.)

Last summer, my wife and I spent the afternoon and evening at a distant relative’s cabin by a lake.  We were visiting her brother and his family, who were staying there for a few days.  We enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and fishing, and sat around a campfire as the night grew darker.  In the hills surrounding the valley we were in, we could see thunderstorms.  They were so distant that no sound reached us, but we saw the lightning flashing in the clouds many miles away.  The four adults stood by the lake and watched as we quietly talked.

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Who reads this stuff? (or how I “got” twitter in a new way)

I recently got an email from someone involved in the potential launching of a division-wide blog for a  big company.  He was asking about my demographics, basically about my experience with who reads corporate blogs, since my blog is corporate-ish (and I make no secret of my connection with EMC and occasionally blog about the company).  He was asking a solid question — who are his readers likely to be, so he can tailor his content accordingly.

Now, I don’t usually worry too much about that.  I write about general tech/corporate/management topics, and some people do read it, but I have yet to settle on a single topic just to better fit my audience.  I did try to answer his question though, and in doing so I realized I wasn’t telling him anything about web site demographics.

I was telling him about twitter.
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Video gaming and the office

I left a bit of information out of my response to Storagezilla’s question about how I ended up in a manager’s office instead of writing code.  After talking to him briefly in email I realized there was no reason not to add that information here.  It’s the story of how playing video games made me a manager.  Or something along those lines….
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SRM software sucks? Let’s fix it.

I’m not saying SRM software sucks.  But it seems to be what I’m hearing around the web in the couple days following Storagebod’s recent posts.

In followup comments, posts, and tweets, people are talking about why Storage Management software isn’t up to par with what customers want, why vendor support is lacking, and whose fault it all is.  EMC ControlCenter is getting its fair share of bashing along the way, but we’re not just talking about ControlCenter here, we’re talking about the state of the industry.

There are two directions the conversation needs to go from here.  One is talking about standards-based management for heterogeneous environments, how we got to where we are and where we need to go from here.  The other is how we can improve what we have today.  That second half, that’s more where I can hopefully come in.
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How did I end up in an office?

‘Zilla recently asked me a pretty simple question with a rather complicated answer.

I’m reliably informed you were a very talented coder and then opted to go the management route, which as we all know requires the use of a different skill set usually to the detriment of techie ability.

He wants to know why I decided to go into management.

First off, thanks for “very talented!”  I won’t ask who your sources are :).  The short answer is: “I was asked.
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Blogging to Learn

Gina recently posted about blogging as a learning mechanism, a topic I’ve had sitting in my “write about this someday” queue for a while (originally motivated by this post on Coding Horror).  I was going to take a different spin on it, but her education-based look at the idea was a new angle for me and so I decided to run with it (plus she basically called all of us EMC bloggers out; I can’t ignore that!).
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