Who reads this stuff? (or how I “got” twitter in a new way)

I recently got an email from someone involved in the potential launching of a division-wide blog for a  big company.  He was asking about my demographics, basically about my experience with who reads corporate blogs, since my blog is corporate-ish (and I make no secret of my connection with EMC and occasionally blog about the company).  He was asking a solid question — who are his readers likely to be, so he can tailor his content accordingly.

Now, I don’t usually worry too much about that.  I write about general tech/corporate/management topics, and some people do read it, but I have yet to settle on a single topic just to better fit my audience.  I did try to answer his question though, and in doing so I realized I wasn’t telling him anything about web site demographics.

I was telling him about twitter.

A link between your blog and twitter is a huge benefit, because while it’s all well and good to know how many readers you have, knowing who those readers are is a bit more interesting.  If some amount of your readers are following you on twitter, you can comment on at least a subset of your readers (there may be certain demographics who are more likely to follow on twitter than others, so maybe you’re response is skewed, but it’s better than nothing).

Based on my recollection of who is following me on twitter, I could immediately tell him my readers included:

  • EMC employees
  • Customers of EMC storage solutions
  • Users of EMC ControlCenter
  • Industry analysts and press
  • Competitors

Now, I couldn’t give him a breakdown of percentages, or anything precise, but it was something useful.

I’ve been hearing people say they don’t “get” twitter for some time now.  I finally have an answer beyond the use cases I find compelling.  It helps you identify what communities you are a part of, and what your potential reach is.

You can follow me on twitter.  I apologize if I gripe about power outages and TV shows too much.


#1 Scott on 12.16.08 at 11:30 am

I agree completely Dave – I didn’t get Twitter until recently either.

#2 Stu on 12.16.08 at 12:54 pm

Dave – I agree about the community aspect. Here’s another reason why people don’t get Twitter – it’s so simple that people can use it in lots of different ways and use different widgets/applications that meet their needs. It’s the duct tape of the social media tools 😉