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Oversharing with your team?

I don’t often post about the day-to-day details of my job.  Whether it’s just boring or actually confidential, I don’t often get into specifics.  But today I was faced with an interesting and practical question.

My manager forwarded me some excerpts from Customer Satisfaction Surveys done during December of 2008. These were from ControlCenter customers who had service requests completed during the month and were asked some questions and given the chance to comment. Obviously these were customers who were already unhappy, having been forced to file service requests in the first place.  There were a number of comments which weren’t very flattering — both about issues in the product, and about our field response to those issues.
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Last-minute Performance Review crutches

I can confidently say that managers are always calm, prepared, and ready for every task.  We’re skilled multitaskers, and never get blindsided by a problem that sucks away all our time and energy and leaves us rushing to complete something vital (like a performance appraisal).

Yeah, right.

This post explains some simple crutches for harried managers working on reviews.  These tips are not a substitute for a year-long investment in the performance of your team, and they aren’t even necessarily best practices, but maybe they’ll help make life a little easier this month.
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On a personal note: chase your dream

I had every intention of writing a post with performance review tips today, but I received a sad email this morning. I hope you forgive a personal moment, as I mourn the passing of a friend – Peter O’Connor.

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Willkommen a new EMC blogger

I just got word of a new EMC voice out there, blogging, Hans-Jürgen Rau.  His blog, IT Truly Does Matter, is hosted in Germany and is written in German.  I’m not aware of any other non-English EMCer blogs (though I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more – I’ll update the post if I hear of any).

So, if you speak German (or if you want to give the auto-translator a try; there is one on the page) swing by the site and say Guten Tag!

ControlCenter Online User Community Launching

It sounds like the Online User Community is about to graduate from “pilot” as we speak.  A few thousand emails have either been sent or are being sent, inviting licensed ControlCenter users to come join the community.  If you haven’t gotten an email and think you should have, feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with the right people.  I know some of you had expressed interest before.

As of earlier this morning nearly 300 new registrations had gone through.

I’m excited about where this is going to go next.

Last-minute Self-Appraisal Tips

Walk around the hallways of any corporation around performance review time, and the conversations you hear will all sound alike.  Everybody has a complaint.  Starting with the awkwardness of the self-appraisal, continuing through the difficulty of encapsulating a year of effort into a few paragraphs, and concluding with the often difficult conversations that can take place when a review contains surprises, everybody loves to hate the performance review.

There’s all kinds of advice and tips which can make the review process less painful; the problem is that most of them (rightfully) require year-round investment. What if you want some last-minute tips?  You’re in luck, that’s what I’ve got.  Today, I’ll focus on the self-appraisal.  Followup posts will talk about other aspects of the review.

First off, let’s be clear.  You really should do your self-appraisal.
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