Online Overhaul: Knowing my goals

I blogged earlier about my desire to revamp my online habits, how I felt I was lagging behind.  Before investing too much into this, though, it’s best to step back and look at my goals. What do I want to be doing that I’m not? What don’t I want to lose? What is my desired end state? Once I started doing that I thought it would be interesting to share this here, for others who might be tackling a similar situation.

So, in one short statement, I want to be more participatory. I want to spend more time writing, commenting, connecting, and sharing. At the same time, I want to continue monitoring the online world for news and discussions about topics that interest me personally and professionally.


I have this blog, which I want on at least a weekly schedule. I have a blog on EMC|ONE, our internal company network, which I would like to update 1 to 4 times a month. I would like to contribute content to the EMC Control Center Online User Community on the same frequency. On a personal note, I have a family blog I would like to update weekly as well as a dormant side project I’d like to revitalize. Longer term, within the next 3 years, I’d like to have at least one other writing project active as well.  Clearly I intend to do a lot of writing.


I would like to be more active in commenting on other people’s content: blogs, internal EMC ONE discussions, and ControlCenter community content.


Connecting is a natural consequence of all of the above, but I also want to continue to manage social networks which represent people whose interests and personal or professional activities align with my own. That means both being able to find new people and maintaining the connections I’ve already made. Finally, I want to find new ways to connect to my co-workers, including my immediate co-workers who aren’t necessarily as active as I am online.


A low-maintenance way to maintain connections and provide value to the community is to share meaningful content.  My goal is to regularly provide links and/or information of interest to all the audiences I describe above.


I need to continue reading up on my interests and activities, whether that’s people management or parenting. I have no desire to achieve the above goals if it requires me to lose out on being tapped in to current trends in my areas of interest. That doesn’t mean I’m not open to changing how I accomplish this, though (more on that later).


During this whole process I want to make sure I don’t lose the fun … something which is hard to quantify, but to steal a phrase from Justice Potter Stewart, I know it when I see it.