How not to use twitter

If you’re clued in with twitter at all, you’ve heard of the “cisco fatty” meme.  A user tweets about whether to take a job at Cisco they will hate, and Cisco responds on twitter, reminding everyone that Twitter isn’t private unless you make it private.

Yesterday Cheezhead posted another example, a sales rep for CareerBuilder whose tweets include cheering on the Bulls, commenting on America’s Top Model, goofing off at work, and hating her clients.  By the contents of her tweets I’m guessing Miss Adriane doesn’t know she’s about to be used as an anti-pattern in effective Twitter use.

At EMC we’re throwing a meeting soon to talk informally about how we use Twitter, and help get those who are on the fence about using it to understand why we think it’s valuable.  Because right now, CareerBuilder’s brand is suffering from their employee’s actions, and the employee’s brand is suffering as well.  You spread enough negativity around and it will come back to you.

If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all (about your job … on the forever-archived always-searchable Internet).


#1 Dave on 04.30.09 at 7:53 am

Looks like Adriane’s twitter account is gone, so the link above is dead. You can see the tweets on the Cheezhead post still.

#2 Nuzhat Karim on 04.30.09 at 9:39 am “It’s better to stay silent and look a fool, rather than speak and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

#3 MadKat97 on 05.04.09 at 9:10 am

Darn right, Dave. Never ever tell the truth about your workplace. The walls have ears, you know. Just keep contributing to that same ol’ happy talk about how great (we, they, the company, management, products) are. Can I have my kool-aid in strawberry, plz?

#4 Dave on 05.04.09 at 9:23 am

There’s a time and a place for everything, MadKat. I am not suggesting you should not criticize your workplace! I believe the opposite – people need to speak up and try and get things fixed.

There’s a difference between trying to make improvements and just bitching, though. And while I might bitch privately with my friends I’m not going to do it in an archived/searchable form like this blog or a public twitter feed. It’s lose-lose.