Say hello to Hiren

Last week, I was part of a conversation with some co-workers who spoke about another employee and his prolific blog and said, “isn’t that a sign that he doesn’t have much to do?”

If only the truth were that simple.

Another co-worker asked me when I usually did my blogging.  I told him the truth — I usually get Monday’s blog entry written on Sunday night, unless I’m lucky enough to have had a great idea during the previous week in which case Sunday night is for putting the finishing touches on a post which I started earlier. A productive week is one where another topic pops up during the week and I’m able to get some words down “on paper” on a weeknight.

I very rarely work on this blog during the business day; I just don’t have time.

I know the same holds true for another Ionix blogger I’d like to introduce you to this week: Hiren Doshi, who writes Practice Agile, a brand new blog about agile development seen through the lens of someone working at EMC Ionix.  I’ve worked with Hiren for a few years now in various capacities and he “gets it.”  I’m glad he’s dipping his toe in the blogging pool and I look forward to reading more from him.  He and I are working on projects that interact, so if you pay enough attention to what we both talk about you can get a pretty good idea of what working in this little neighborhood of EMC Ionix is probably like.