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The Facebook compromise

If you’re at all active online, you’ve probably seen the recent hubbub about Facebook and privacy.  Every time Facebook changes its privacy settings, the articles start floating around, but this time it’s more serious.  The NY Times has dedicated space to the story, and Facebook itself has called a meeting of all its employees to discuss the issue.  At least one colleague of mine is deactivating his account, and I’ve decided to take an audit on my use of the service and rethink my assumptions around it.

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Ionix at EMC World

The buzz at the office is reaching a high as last-second preparations for EMC World compete with people’s “real work” every hour of every day.  I am sad to report I won’t be attending EMC World this year; I was really looking forward to the coffee at the Bloggers’ Lounge but I’m needed here in Hopkinton (the same reason my blog posts seem to be drying up of late …).  But there are some exciting things happening within my organization that you might want to know about.

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