Ionix at EMC World

The buzz at the office is reaching a high as last-second preparations for EMC World compete with people’s “real work” every hour of every day.  I am sad to report I won’t be attending EMC World this year; I was really looking forward to the coffee at the Bloggers’ Lounge but I’m needed here in Hopkinton (the same reason my blog posts seem to be drying up of late …).  But there are some exciting things happening within my organization that you might want to know about.

Perhaps most exciting, if you’re a ControlCenter customer, is the chance to get an up-close look at our next major release, what we’re calling “SRM 7″ internally.  There’s going to be a dedicated system on the show floor manned by some overworked and underpaid colleagues of mine, who will walk you through some simple use cases using our latest build of our in-development product. Please take the opportunity to grill them and provide some feedback. We’re all marching full speed ahead on this product and some real customer feedback at this stage is going to be incredibly useful to us.

There’s also some lecture/demo sessions set up, including “Next Generation Ionix ControlCenter v7 is Here…What’s Next?” and “Achieving Time to Value with Next Generation SRM: An Architectural Perspective.“  Both of these will take you behind the scenes with where ControlCenter is headed.  I wish I could see them, and more than that, I wish I could hear what you the customer are saying at them.  Feel free to reply to this post or hit up the ControlCenter customer community with feedback; I promise it’ll get seen, and not just by me.

And if you’re more interested in adding value to your current ControlCenter install, don’t forget the always-popular hands-on sessions and a special demo/lecture on “Ionix ControlCenter v6 – Under the Covers.”  I imagine that one’s going to be pretty informative.

There’s a ton of other Ionix presence scheduled, including some hands-on work with Storage Configuration Advisor (the “next-gen” compliance product that got some sneak-peaks last year) and a slew of vBlock/Unified Management presentations.  It looks like quite a full menu for the Ionix fan.