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Casual Friday: Presenting Perils

While waiting for a meeting to start yesterday, a colleague and I swapped stories of the perils of presenting.  Whether it’s a livemeeting or a projector hooked to your desktop, there’s some loss of privacy that can come with using your PC to host a meeting.  For example ….

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Why did you become a manager?

I hear it all the time, from technical contributors: “I’d never want to be a manager.“  The reasons are usually straightforward.  Some fear losing their technical acumen, others dislike office politics, and many just enjoy feeling in control of their own contribution and don’t want to worry about other people.

Sometimes I’m asked why I made the decision to enter management.  I realized today that even though I started this blog to talk about that question, I haven’t spent much time really digging into it.

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Reviewing resumes

I’m in the interesting and enviable position of having an open (entry-ish level) position on my team, here at EMC.  Over the years I’ve brought a few people into the company, either directly or indirectly.  But it’s been a while, and it’s interesting to see the state of the hiring process … and the people trying to get hired.

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Where has Dave been?

If, like me, you skirt around the edges of the fitness blogging scene, you’re probably familiar with the person who starts a fitness blog, writes about their incredible gains (in fitness) and losses (in weight) and then suddenly the blog dries up for six months or a year.  You know what happened — the person hit a rough patch with their fitness and didn’t want to write about it.

So when someone who writes about today’s workplace, about corporate culture, about working at EMC, slowly dries up in terms of post count, it might be a good default assumption that they’ve hit a rough patch at work and don’t want to write about it.

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