Where has Dave been?

If, like me, you skirt around the edges of the fitness blogging scene, you’re probably familiar with the person who starts a fitness blog, writes about their incredible gains (in fitness) and losses (in weight) and then suddenly the blog dries up for six months or a year.  You know what happened — the person hit a rough patch with their fitness and didn’t want to write about it.

So when someone who writes about today’s workplace, about corporate culture, about working at EMC, slowly dries up in terms of post count, it might be a good default assumption that they’ve hit a rough patch at work and don’t want to write about it.

In some ways, this is true.  I’ve struggled a bit over the past year to balance the different roles I have to play in the office,and I’ve felt like I don’t have anything insightful to say about that struggle.  Some of the struggle has been in getting to know and work well with new people, and I’m never comfortable blogging about the specifics of “live” interpersonal relationships.

But there are other factors at work here.  I’ve been busy as hell with my day job, trying to figure out how to rebalance my time management mechanisms to keep me from going insane.  Entire sections of my day job are getting deprioritized in any given week, so you can assume that blog posting is getting hit, too.  And my family life has gotten busy too — for great reasons!  Having a two-year old at home is more than enough to keep you occupied and engaged.  And when I do get a few free moments, I’m more apt to deal with things that need to be done around the house than writing a post.

The truth is, day by day, I’ve just been doing other “stuff” during the time when I used to blog.  I am still active; I monitor twitter and occasionally speak up.  I read blog posts, and share them on my Google Reader feed (which gets posted here on the blog and goes out to my Buzz account).  But I miss the outlet this blog provides.

From years of blogging for personal and professional reasons, I know better than to promise anything about the future.  But don’t unsubscribe yet.  Things are about to get really interesting in my office, and odds are I’ll find things to write about.  And if not, well, you know where else to find me….