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All code is throwaway code

This year, I’ve had two different occasions where I had to work with team members who had invested significant amounts of time into developing features which ended up not being included in our shipping product.  This wasn’t prototype code, this was code we fully intended to ship while it was under development, but chose not to for business reasons.

As I got ready to break the news to the team, I remembered the first time that happened to me as a developer, and how frustrated I was.  You think back on the weekends you worked to hit deadlines, the hours you spent trying to find tricky bugs, the wars you went to over design philosophy, and you wonder if any of it was worth it.

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Friday links

A bit less than I had hoped to share this week, but since it’s Friday I’ll widen my scope a bit and give some links which don’t directly map to the subject matter of my blog but which I think you might be interested in anyway…

  • CNET offers a fairly low-content report on requests from the Federal Government for user passwords.
  • Facebook wants to know why specifically people hide certain ads.  Isn’t the answer usually “because they’re ads”?
  • Haliburton admits to destroying evidence in Gulf oil spill probe.  This isn’t interesting to me, but the question of what we’d all do if our managers said “Remember that test you ran?  Can you delete that from the results database?” is.

Enjoy your weekend….

Monday morning links

After a weekend spend camping, I’m back and scouring my RSS feeds for links to share with you this morning.  Here’s what I’ve got:

I’m not sure what to make of the idea of Granny in the cloud helping with education, but I do find it interesting to keep an eye on what our technological innovations are leading to in this space.

I enjoyed reading Robin Hanson’s piece on questions being more important than answers.  This is going in my folder to review next time I’m dealing with the interview process.

I enjoy reading about how other people work.  I could never answer email just once a week, but it was an interesting read in any case.

The article quickly turns into talking about the specifics of Stack Overflow, but I like the push to really examine the re-usability of our code.   This is something I’ve been thinking about lately as a technical manager, about the obvious (and hidden) costs of doing something poorly because we know we should be doing it well but don’t really know how to.

Sorry not much for a Monday; I’ll be back later this week….

Links for July 17, 2013

As I said, I’m trying to get back into the habit of providing content here on a regular basis, and starting by just presenting links I gather from my RSS subscriptions (in an attempt to prove to myself that I’m still getting value from those feeds).

Today’s links:


RSS is dead? Long live RSS!

Google is well known for starting up experimental services (Buzz, anyone?) and shutting them down.  After watching this cycle several times, you’d think the surprise would wear off, but I was genuinely shocked and disappointed when they finally pulled the plug on Google Reader earlier this summer.

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