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Casual Friday: Dave Talks Home

I’ve got good news and bad news. First, you may soon see a drop in activity on this site.  (Wait, wait, that’s the bad news, not the good news, stop cheering!)

The good news is that it’s because we’re due to have our first child in two weeks.

When this happens, I’ll be taking a couple weeks away from work to concentrate on being home with my family.  Given the circumstances, I may not have a lot to say that fits into this blog (then again, maybe I’ll be up all night and resort to blogging to pass the time 🙂 ).

Even after this, my blogging schedule will likely change.  I plan to continue regular updates, but you will probably not see new posts every work day.  No promises I can’t keep, remember?  So I promise to update regularly.  I hope that’s good enough.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Casual Friday: Weekly linkdump

You may ask yourself: What does Dave read each week?

Or not.  Either way, here’s your chance to find out.  This week, I made an effort to take note of interesting stories I stumbled across in my RSS reader.  The result fills up my Casual Friday post nicely this week!  Hope you enjoy something here.

Where would we be without RSS readers?  I have trouble remembering what that world was like.

See you Monday!

Casual Friday: EMC World 2008 Wrapup

I’d write a real summary of Day Four, but it was honestly more of the same, plus travel. Not a very exciting blog post, and doesn’t really fit my Casual Friday theme. So instead, I’ve put together my own list of things I learned at EMC World.

Everything I need to know, I learned in Las Vegas

  • You should describe your technology in terms of words which make people laugh at how they sound (see: fungible). Continue reading →

Casual Friday: Viva Las Vegas!

had a different Casual Friday post all ready to go, but decided at the last minute that I should keep with the EMC World theme and do something Vegas-themed instead.

So, for today’s Casual Friday, I’m going to put you in the mood for a trip to Las Vegas with my five favorite Vegas movies. I know there are “better” Vegas movies out there than these, but these are my favorite five (in no particular order). Feel free to throw your two cents worth in the comments!
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Casual Friday: Vacation Daydreaming

Lots of people dress down on Fridays, and while I tend to be pretty dressed-down at work every day, I dress down my blog on Friday instead. Today, I want to talk about vacation!

Sunset Palm
Creative Commons License photo credit: Christina Welsh (Rin)

Remember yesterday’s post, about the blurring line between my “work” and “home” selves? Well, nowhere is that line more concrete than when on vacation. Vacation is my time (or, more fairly, my family time). I’m a bit extreme in this regard in that not only won’t I check my email, I generally won’t even watch the news or read the paper.

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