It’s a constant struggle to stay up-to-date on all the various social media sites and applications.  What follows is my best attempt to summarize the ones I’m using today, and how.

While you probably saw the big disclaimer on the front page of my blog about my writings, my opinions, and those of my employer, another disclaimer may be appropriate here.  While this blog is nearly 100% “work”, the balance between professional and personal tips in a variety of directions on these other sites.  It gives me a way to share more of who I am as an individual, and build connections to family and friends as well as co-workers.  Not everything you’ll see if you follow links below would be something I’d put on the front page of my blog.


I’ve been on LinkedIn for quite some time, and I gladly link to anyone I have had a professional interaction with.  I do not make much use of the social tools within LinkedIn.


You can follow me on Twitter. My activity on twitter is very bursty, and is a mix of personal and professional content.


David Spencer's Facebook profileFacebook is how I stay connected with friends, family and colleagues.  I accept almost all friend requests from people I have even casual connections with, but I do sometimes filter my content according to audience.